TWINSTREAM Superimposed High – Frequency Jet -Ventilation (SHFJV®)

TwinStream™ Multi Mode Respirator for tubeless jet laryngoscopy, jet bronchoscopy, jet tracheoscopy and all types of jet ventilation in the fields of surgery and intensive medicine.



Superimposed HighFrequency Jet –Ventilation (SHFJV®)


TwinStream™ is the first microprocessor-driven Superimposed High-frequency Jet ventilation apparatus and sets an entirely new standard in the jet ventilation technique.



Gold Standard

The first TwinStream™ jet ventilation systems for superimposed high-frequency jet ventilation were delivered at the beginning of 2006. In the meantime, users in Europe, Middle East, Russia an now China trust TwinStream™ as well as its patented jet endoscopes and accessories as a system-based solution for jet ventilation.

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