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DIXION Surgical Lights Convelar 1675 LED – PT. Medika Indo Bavaria
DIXION Surgical Lights Convelar 1675 LED

Cold light source :
New LED lights, energy-saving, with an increased lifespan of 30.000–50.000 hours.

Shadow dilution :
Optimally positioned light source provides enough coverage of a surgical feld even with a partial shade The light feld diameter is up to 350 mm.

Increased illumination depth :
The design of the light heads provides illumination at a distance of more than 1.4 mThe light feld center up to 160 kLx, the correlated color temperature is adjustable within 3500K–5000K, which allows a surgeon to choose an optimal lighting for a surgery.

Touch-screen control panel :

Each light head of the lighting system has а control panel.

Control panel :

  • Power on/off button
  • Dimming
  • Color temperature regulator
  • CRI-regulator
  • Camera focus (optional)

Easy adjustment allows medical personnel to illuminate а surgical area properly.

Universal ceiling mount :
Ceiling mounting system ensures precise positioning of the light heads It is easy to install and maintain.

Models :
Surgical lights LED are available in double ceiling mount models.

Convelar 1675 LED :
two light heads of 500 mm and 700 mm diameter

Specification :



Maximum illuminance in 1 m distance

± 120 kLx + 160 kLx

Color temperature

± 3500-5000 K

Color rendering index

± 85-96

Ratio of radiation illumination

(mW/m ²Lx)


Light field diameter (adjustable)

± 120-350 mm + 120-350 mm

Height of the light beam

± 800 mm

Lighting depth

> 1400 mm

Lifespan of light sources

> 50 000 h

Power consumption

± 126 W + 58 W