DIXION Mobile Surgical Lights Convelar 1605 LED

Dixion Convelar mobile surgical lights are floor standing interventional shadowless lamps that meet the requirements of different surgeries and first-aid stations. Backup power (available as an option) provides up to 2 hours of normal use in power failure condition. CAD design multi-LED-lighting beam produces up to 120.000 Lx central illumination and 4500 K color temperature, which is close to natural light.
Convelar 1605 LED — a floor standing interventional shadowless lamp with 500 mm diameter light head and flexible mobile supporting frame.

Specification :



Max. illuminance at 1 m distance

± 120 kLx

Color temperature

± 3500-5000 K

Color rendering index

± 85-98

Ratio of radiation illumination

(mW/m ²Lx)


Light field diameter

± 120-350 mm

Illumination depth

≥ 1400 mm

Lifespan of light sources

> 50 000 h

Power consumption

± 58 W

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