IONYX Apex Locators – Micromotors Endy 6200

IONYX Apex Locators – Micromotors Endy 6200


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The Endy 6200’s strengths :Technical Characteristics :Certificate :
  • A fully digital measurement
    • The signal emitted by your Endy 6200 is fully digital. There is no deviation or change in the precision of your IONYX apex locator over time.
  • An isolated internal sensor in the contra-angle handpiece
    • When you insert your file into the contra-angle handpiece, the measurement sensor is automatically connected. The PEEK contra-angle guarantees you a fully isolated measurement signal.
  • Constant speed and torque
    • The speed of the Endy 6200 remains constant regardless of the force applied to the file in the root canal. It will not vary, even if the battery is charged less than 50%. The torque is controlled continuously in order to preserve your files.

  • An instantaneous measurement
    • Instantaneous measurements enable you to obtain information about the position of your file upon it coming into contact with the root canal.
  • Quick shut-down of the motor
    • As soon as the programmed torque is achieved, the motor shuts down quickly thanks to an electronic locking mechanism that enables the risk of breaking the instrument to be limited.
  • A return to slow speed
    • The 1-second return to slow speed technology used by IONYX since 1996 enables you to disengage the instrument without pushing dentine debris back towards the apex.
  • A speed range suitable for root canal files
    • The Endy 6200 enables you to adjust the speed for your file from 100 to 500 rpm.
  • 12 memory settings
    • The Endy 6200 has 12 onboard memory settings, enabling you to programme that number of speeds and torques adapted to each file used. Programming it is easy and intuitive.
  • Great autonomy
    • The Endy 6200 enables you to work autonomously for 1 hour with an average torque of 1.5 (40 root canal treatments noted on average).
  • Fast charger
    • Its fast charger enables your battery to be fully recharged in 2 hours. In order to preserve it, charging it shuts off automatically once it is fully charged.

ISO 13485

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