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DIXION Hospital Bed 1/2/3 Crank

DIXION Hospital Bed 1/2/3 Crank

Medical functional bed with hand drive. The bed ensures safety for the patient and facilitates the work of the medical staff . No dependency on the power supply network due to the mechanical drive.

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Features :Specification :Certificate :
  • Mechanical drive for height and section angulation adjustment
  • The range of height adjustment allows a patient to stand up easily from the bed as well as provides easy access to patient for medical staff
  • Plastic bumpers on each side of the bed for steel framework protection removable ABS platform is easy to clean and disinfect
  • The manual crank located under the foot end can be completely stored and allows to adjust the height of the couch, the angulation of the back section and the height of the knee rest separately
  • 4 dustproof casters with independent brakes (central brake is available as an option)
  • 1 section folding side rails for patient protection from falling off the bed (2 section side rails are available as an option)
  • Infusion stand with 6 fi xation slots, 6 hooks for drainage containers and special slots for the straps for patient fixation during transportation, which is convenient for the medical staff
  • A set of various accessories






Height, back rest and knee rest angulation


Mechanical handles


4 pcs, separate brakes, optional – central brake


2170 cm x 1040 cm (width for the mode is with 1 section side

Couch size

1945 cm x 915 cm

Height range

38 cm – 68 cm (with 1 section side rails and separate brakes)

Back angulation

0 – 75°

Knee rest angulation

0 – 40°

Weight capacity

230 kg

EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 13485

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