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CHIROMEGA Dental Units 654D


Dental unit with electric system of control valves Carried by Chair, Equipped by Turning Cuspidor

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Features and Specification :Certificate :

  • Chair with Antidressing Backrest and Zero Position
  • Energo Block
  • Ceramic Spitoon Block
  • Saliva Ejector ( Water or Air Ejector )
  • Instrument Table with upper guided of hoses for instrument
  • Pantographic Arm of Instruments Table
  • Pneumatic Brake of Pantographic Arm
  • Hose MIDWEST 4 Holes for Turbine with Electric System
  • Hose for Electric Micromotor P2ED460 without Light
  • 3 Way Syringe
  • Autonomous Water
  • Sensor Control Panel
  • Foot Joystick for instrument and Chair
  • Soft Start of Motors
  • 5 Memories
  • Thin Backrest of Dental Chair
  • Digital Display
  • Righ Tilting Armrest
  • Underlay
  • Child Seat
  • Control of chair on backrest
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Assistant Panel Sensoric
  • Long Arm of Assistant Panel
  • Syringe on Assistant Panel
  • Foot Pedal with Speed Control
  • LED Operating Lamp Chiromega
  • Touchless Switcher of Operating Lamp
  • Curing Light TKD
  • Scaler NSK VA 170
  • Intra Oral Camera TPC + Monitor Holder + Monitor
  • Micromotor NSK NBK LED
  • Electric Micromotor nonless Chirana P2ED460
  • Dentists Stool Omega Light
  • Desinfectan of Hoses

Included :

  • Dentist Stool Omega Light
  • Dental Compressor

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