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DIXION Electrocardiograph ECG-1012 Expert

DIXION Electrocardiograph ECG-1012 Expert

Preview and print
We make it possible to preview a report for both real-time printing and file storage.

Waveform process
Printing mode, speed and sensitivity can be adjusted It is recommended to use a filter for better signal in order to avoid reexamination.

Replay and record
Stop and review waveform backward and forward per second or page then print out to grasp every arrhythmia.

File storage
Internal storage for up to 200 patient data including waveforms, measurement and
diagnosis which can also be enlarged by flash disk or PC hard disk.


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Features :Specification :Certificate :
  • 12.1″ folding antiglare color touch screen
  • 12-сhannel ECG waves are displayed and recorded simultaneously
  • Curves “pause” and “repeat” for arrhythmia episode determination
  • Internal storage for up to 200 last records
  • Waveform and auto-diagnosis results preview before printing
  • Heart rate variability (HRV) analysis
  • Stress test (оptional)
  • Trolley and cable bracket (optional)
  • ECG preview before printing




12 Standard leads

Input Circuit

Floating input circuit, protection from defibrillation and pace-maker

Frequency Response

± 0.05 Hz – 150 Hz

Calibration voltage

1 mV ± 2%

Input Impedance

± 50 MΩ

Input Circuit Current

≤ 10 nA

Noise level

< 15 μVp-p

Anti Baseline Drift



EMG-Filter        : ± 25 Hz/35 Hz/45 Hz/Off

DFT-Filter          : ± 0.05/0.15/0.25/0.5 Hz

Lowpass filter    : ± 150/100/75 Hz

AC-Filter            : on/off

Time constant     : ≥ 3.2s


115 dB

Recording Mode


Safety Standards

IEC 60601-1: 1988+A1+A2, EN 60601-1:1990+A1+A2,

IEC/EN60601-2: 2001+A1, IEC/EN60601-2-25, ANSI/AAMI EC-11

Power supply

AC : 100 – 240V, 50 – 60 Hz
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery : voltage 14.8 V

Recording Paper

Folded paper, Rolled paper

Paper speed

5 mm/s, 6.25 mm/s, 10 mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s (±3%)


420 x 330 x 120 mm


800 x 600 multicolor LCD Screen

Communication Interface

Ethernet, RS 232, USB

Lead for rhythm test

1 or 3 lead


6.5 kg

± = Tolerance Measurement 10%

EN ISO 9001
EN ISO 13485